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Your bunds are exposed to tough conditions – but continued exposure to oils, chemicals and other liquids can make them crack, corrode, leak or become contaminated. Bunds that aren't leak-free or safe can lead to expensive site damage, and if they breach Environment Agency pollution guidelines you could be fined tens of thousands of pounds.

Economical, durable fibreglass bund linings

Don't let this happen. Solve the problem for the long term and line your bunds with a fibreglass bund lining.

Fibreglass is long lasting and copes well with normal structural movement – and because it's impact resistant and easy to clean it'll remain maintenance free for many years to come.

Avoid expensive bund rebuilds

A fibreglass bund lining, also known as GRP lining, can mean the difference between a cost-effective bund repair and an expensive bund replacement.

We'll grit blast your bund and make any necessary repairs, upgrades or extensions. Next, we'll line your bund to create a long-lasting alternative to a complete bund rebuild.

Best of all, we'll normally have the job done within the week – so inconvenience is kept to a minimum.

Leaking bund

If you see plants growing in the joins of a bund, it's not secure. When liquid fills the bund, it will leak out of the cracks the weeds have taken root in. A fibreglass bund lining will cover these weak points and make the bund safe once again.

Damaged bund wall

Big cracks mean you've got serious safety issues on your hands. If a corrosive or toxic liquid filled this bund, it would gush out through the wall – fast. Repairs to the concrete combined with a GRP lining would soon put this bund back in action.

Contaminated bund wall

When oils or acids drip or spill into a concrete bund, they penetrate any unprotected concrete and contaminate it. Fibreglass bund linings are durable, washable and provide better and longer-lasting protection than epoxy coatings.

Unsealed bund pipe

If you have an older bund with one or more pipes passing through the walls, the join can be a leak waiting to happen. You can solve the problem with a fibreglass reinforced lining, giving this particular weak point substantial protection.

5 good reasons to choose Sui Generis fibreglass bund linings...
  • Economy – long term savings
  • Quality – 20+ year lifespan
  • Safety – installed by experts
  • Speed – in place in a week
  • Service – 90% repeat custom rate

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