Bundle Wagon



The Bundle Wagon can easily be loaded from the back while still on the move.  Just keep pushing the next bundle on, while the Bundle Wagon moves through the field. Neither tractor stops.  Loader tractor doesn’t have to reverse, just slow down engine rpm’s and pull away.  The rear loading area allows clearance for pallet fork loading.  Load bundle on the rails, lower the pallet forks, and you are clear.  The Bundle Wagon holds 9 bundles (189 bales) per load, single stack or place 3 bundles on top for hauling 12 bundles (252 bales).  Makes for a fast in the field loading, with no tie downs.  You can quickly shuttle to the barn and use the tilt unload.  Unloading is smooth and makes a row of bundles that are then easy to grab with the loader and stack in the barn.

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