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Bunker Walls



The freestanding Bunker Walls are designed to minimise the hassle of storing bulk materials. The wall is the optimum shape and profile for the storage of grain, aggregate, solid fuels and other materials.  The unique curved shape has been developed to allow the free flow of material to the floor with a 100mm straight portion at the bottom edge to aid the removal of material from the bay.

These double load bearing walls incorporate forklift recesses in the base to facilitate repositioning, allowing you to change widths of bays in line with your business demands or crop yields.

Walls up to 3.0m (10’) do not need bolted down when retaining material which has a density of less than 12kn/m3. This includes grain, solid fuels, recycling materials, wood chip, potatoes etc.

Another feature of the bunker wall is the narrow base, thus minimising its footprint.

A heavier profile wall is available for retaining silage in both 2.4m (8’) and 3.0m (10’) heights.  These will need to be bolted to a suitably reinforced slab.

Corner units for the Bunker Walls are also available.

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