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- Model SOLUPLANT 21-7-21 - Soluble NPK Fertilizer



SOLUPLANT is a highly soluble NPK fertilizer that can be adapted to any irrigation system, and it is especially suitable for fertirrigation. The SOLUPLANT range is enriched with microelements, most of them in chelated form.

Soluplant comes in different formulations (% NPK) in order to adapt to the type of crop and its growth cycle:

  • SOLUPLANT 21-7-21 is recommended for horticulture (tomatoes, peppers, melons ...) and fertigation in grow-bags. 
  • SOLUPLANT 23-5-15 is perfect for horticulture, arboriculture and citrus. 
  • SOLUPLANT 22-11-11 is recommended for the initial stages of horticultural crops and plants in container (bark based substrate).
  • SOLUPLANT 12-9-34: to fertilize vegetable crops in their early stages and sack culture in horticulture.
  • SOLUPLANT 12-36-12 is perfect for the initial phases of horticultural crops. 
  • SOLUPLANT 15-5-30 fits the nutritional needs of nursery plants, fruit and vegetables. 
  • SOLUPLANT 18-18-18 is recommended for vegetative growth of horticulture, arboriculture, cut flower and endive.

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