- Model 2815 - Flex Wing Rotary Cutters


How could Bush Hog make the best Flex-Wings even better? Simply put… More value for your investment! The 2815 Flex-Wing is easier to service and has new features that maximize performance and durability in all uses. Whether it’s corn stalk shredding, pasture maintenance or roadside cutting, the 2815 is unsurpassed in performance, durability, and reliability.

This heavy weight unit is loaded with features that translate into more value for your investment

Available in cutting widths from 12 to 20 feet, Bush Hog Flex Wings are legendary for their performance, durability and longevity. Wings float independently over uneven terrain for a uniform cutting appearance. So whether you’re maintaining a rolling pasture or orchard, or clearing heavy crops or overgrown roadsides, you’ll find a model that meets your needs and matches your tractor.

Performance Features

  • Wing skids are 3/8 inch thick for extended wear and outside edges are turned up at 45 degrees to stop heavy ground contact that might damage the sidebands.
  • Center section blades properly align with center wheels to closely cut out the bottom of ditches.
  • Grease fittings and spring steel bushings at axle pivot points for longer life.
  • Free wing float without movement of the hydraulic cylinder rod is 22 degrees down and 45 degrees up.

Construction Features

  • Industry first, massive three-inch output shaft with up to 27% more splines than smaller shafts for maximum transmission of torque to blade pan.
  • The Patent Pending oil sight gauge takes the guess work out of checking the oil. In less than 10 seconds, all three cutting box oil levels can be checked and rechecked as often as you walk around the machine. Never climb onto the cutter again to check the gearbox oil levels.
  • Bush Hog’s E-Z lube drivelines are quick and easy to service. All grease fittings on the pto CV driveline and wing drivelines align for quick location of grease points. Since all grease fittings on all drivelines are in an up position on every 5th revolution, service times are reduced.
  • Greaseable Axle Pivot Points with spring steel bushings
  • Powder Coat Paint

Model 2815
Transport Height: 7 ft. 3 in.
Transport Width: 8 ft. 2 in.
Cutting Width: 15 ft.
Cutting Height: 2 in. to 14 in.
Hitch: Self Leveling, “Perma-Level”
Minimum Tractor h.p. @ PTO: 60
Side Band: 1/4 in. x 12 in.
Blades: 1/2 in. x 4 in.
Blade Holder: Round
PTO Drivelines: ASAE Cat 6
Wing Drivelines: ASAE Cat 4
Wing Flex: 22 degrees down/ 87 degrees up
Wing Free Float: 22 degrees down / 45 degrees up
Splitter Gearbox Rating: 250 h.p.
Cutting Gearbox Rating: 225 h.p.
Gearbox Warranty: 6 years
Blade Tip Speed: 16,289 FPM @ 540 PTO 16,000 FPM @ 1000 pto
Cutting Capacity: 4 in. diameter
Top Deck, Center Section: 11 ga.
Bottom Deck, Center: 7 ga.
Deck, Wings: 7 ga.
Axle Cushions: Springs @ each wheel
Wing Adjustment: Turnbuckles
Grass/ Crop Distribution: Optional baffles
Wing & Center Hydraulics: Standard
Tires Choice of Laminated Tire: Pneumatic Used Aircraft Tire or Foam-filled Used Aircraft Tire
Safety Tow Chain: Standard
*Measured @ max. Transport height **Measured wing skid to wing skid when folded

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