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- Model BRC - Flail Crop Shredder


The Bush Hog line of BRC row crop flails provides superior shredding performance in a number of crop conditions… cotton, BT corn stalks, milo, rice, wheat and vegetable stubble are no match for these machines. Designed to handle higher volumes of crop residue, the BRC models from Bush Hog are equipped with a re-cutter bar design which allows the material to be cut three times thereby speeding up crop decomposition. Computer-balanced 10 ¾” diameter rotors ensure smooth operation in tough conditions. Triple-lipped, sealed double row spherical roller bearings, combined with reversible, hard surfaced cutter knives and 3/16” internal steel liners at critical wear areas, ensure greater reliability in tough conditions. Bush Hog units are available in 15, 18, 20 and 25 foot operating widths to match various crop conditions and row spacings. Depending on the model, the BRC row crop flails are available with pull, lift or semi-mount hitches. 

Performance Features
  • Chops through tough cotton, BT corn stalks, milo, rice, wheat, or vegetable stubble.
  • Speeds up decomposition of plant residue to get nutrients back into the ground quickly.
  • Provides ground cover to minimize wind and water erosion.
  • Available in 15’, 18’, 20’, and 25’ widths to fit your crop’s row spacing.

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