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Butterfly 360° Atomizer



Single-piece irrigator, featuring high constructive simplicity at very limited costs. Is thin, deformable structure makes it unbreakble and very easy to clean.

Extremely versatile where mist jets are required or in any case which system costs control is desired. Recommended for water that is not particulary filtered. Suitable for direct assembly on the tube, both in upright and upside down position, or derived the line through a small eìinexpensive flexible tube.

Not recommended for installation in unprotected cultivations or in areas particulary exposed to wind, as the mist created would be highly subject to drift.

Body made of anti-UV stabilished, black capolymer polypropylene.

Maximum deformation capacity.
Double attachment for Ø 5x8 micro-tube and with Ø 10 MA thread.
It is available in seven different capacities, ranging from 40 to 705 L/H at 1.5 BAR.

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