- Model 500 - Soil Salt Binder



ByoSoil 500 is a proprietary humified soil extract with a package of essential soil microbes included in the formulation. The product works by providing an organic substructure with an extremely high ion exchange capacity that the Na++ and Cl- ions can bind and be charged neutralized (via an ionic bond). Specialized enzymes and microbes provide the platform for the binding process to be completed to the  organic substructure. The biological process is enhanced and accelerated by Byo-Gon biostimulation technology.

  • Effective where soil texture/structure is problematic
  • Treats dense clay soils to condition and improve drainage and disaggregate
  • OMRI certified organic humic acid product from Canada with low metals content.
  • Increases organic material in soil and can be applied as a granular product (GT)

Soil with High Salinity:
Mix one gallon of ByoSoil 500 with ten gallons of water for the RTU product. Application rates and the number of applications necessary will vary with the severity of the salt conditions. As a rule of thumb, salt levels in excess of 10,000 ppm will require more than one application. Please refer the ByoSoil 500 Application Chart for specific dosage rates. Once diluted, product must be used within 24 hours. If soil
temperature is below 45oF, performance is significantly reduced.

Soil with Very Little or no Salinity:
Preventative rates should start at two gallons (mixed with 18 gallons of water) per acre to be applied quarterly.

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