Model BZ-21T - Spike-tooth Harrow



The BZ-21T spike-tooth harrow is to be used for keeping moisture inside the soil, for up to 8 cm deep fallow field layers, for distributing straw and for weeds growth provocation.Can be used through the whole field season.

  1. Cutting (chopping) and spreading of the straw: the harrow can work with the most plant residue. For the best work quality the speed may reach 19.2 km/ hour.
  2. Bedding-in seeds and fertilizers either scattered earlier over the field or simultaneously with harrowing with the use of auxiliary tackle.
  3. Provoking growth of minor weeds before seeding with their subsequent destruction, sealing the surface to prevent moisture loss, weeds provocation and soil loosening on fallow fields, spreading the old crop residue, weed and drop provocation after harvesting. Adjustable approach angle of the harrow teeth and their vibration when in motion provides soil loosening up to 2-8cm deep.
  4. Packing (compaction) of the field can be easily accomplished by lowering the frame and setting the minimum teeth approach angle.

At higher speeds (12…19 km/h) the teeth vibration effect is achieved, which results in continuous overlap. Fuel consumption is 1.5-1.8 l/ hectare. Depending on the cultivation speed the output can be up to 7,000 ha per day.

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