- Model C 1200 - Tractor Mounted Choppers



Even on the smallest model, the crop is fed parallel to the chopping blades. This delivers optimum chopping quality. The C 1200 is remarkably compact in construction. Even 90 h.p. tractors can drive the 2-row model. Optimum cutting height is determined by the tractor hydraulics. The stabiliser wheel at the side protects the harvester from contact with the ground.

The intake drums with aggressive prong sections enable the almost complete intake of the crops harvested even at extreme harvesting conditions.

The stemmed crops are being cut off with high speed of the cutting blades (without counter blade) of the mowing drums over the complete width. This technology enables universal use of the attachment eg wide seed, double rows, different row distances as well as for harvesting sorghum, sunflowers, whole crop silage, or elephant grass.

  • support wheel right and left side
  • height adjustable crop lifters
  • rigid crop lifters
  • down crop auger
  • 2nd ejection extension
  • Folding turret with damping

The centrally adjustable flywheel is equipped with 12 tungsten carbide coated blades. The shear bar is reversible and has hardened edges, a knife sharpening device is integrated.

For extremely hard maize kernels a cracker plate is delivered standard with the machine. The cracker grating for optimal kernel processing can easily be exchanged for the smooth plate.

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