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MULTI-STAGE SPRAY DRYING (NON-HYGROSCOPIC PROCESS). C.E. Rogers has been designing multi-stage whey dryers since the early 1970's however, recently many cheese makers have realized the value of extracting protein (via membrane filtration) from the whey they produce which has become a very popular food and nutritional supplement. Producing permeate while making protein is unavoidable, and until recently processing it in any form is extremely challenging. Until recently it was thought that permeate alone was marketable at best as only an animal feed. This thinking changed in 2000 when C.E. Rogers commissioned its first multi-staged spray dryer designed exclusively to produce food grade non-hygroscopic whey permeate powder at Agri-Mark/Cabot planet in Middlebury, VT.

The C.E. Rogers Company is capable of offering many types of evaporation and spray drying systems, but recently our expertise in the field of spray drying truly non-hygroscopic powder has come to the forefront. Our proficiency lies directly in the process requirements required to successfully spray dry whey or permeate powders, non-hygroscopically, via a multiple stage spray drying system.

We began development of this system in the 1970's when whey was still spread on fields or dumped down the drain and after several attempts and some major struggles we mastered the pre-conditioning aspect of the process (which is extremely critical) prior to the second stage of the drying system. With help from some far-sighted processors we have been able to develop a system that can produce a non-hygroscopic powder, which will retain its granular fluidity not only after exposure to normal ambient humidity levels, but also when the relative humidity reaches the upper 90's%. Our process has been proven while processing virtually every type of cheese whey, and most recently we have achieved tremendous success processing whey permeate powder.

We have been told by many powder brokers that C.E. Rogers whey or permeate non-hygroscopic powders, produced via our multi-stage spray dryer process are the finest powders of their type on the world market today. This is based on particle size, solubility and free flowing characteristics.

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