Model C/F 1005 - Probiotic Aquatic Sludge Degrader



Formula Type: Dry - Product Description: Aquaculture probiotic and sludge pollutant removing blend. Recently reformulated for higher count and improved sludge remediation, to combat problems found in sludge at the bottom of ponds and lakes, particularly sulfides, mercaptans, ammonia, fatty acids and other sources of odors and nutrients. Break the cycle of sludge buildup, fish suffocation, algae crashes and off-flavor. Keeping the pond bottom clean will reduce stress on your valuable crop, allowing them to maintain healthy immune systems and grow strong. Best aquatic sludge degrader. Contains 13 spore forming Bacillus and 2 vegetative, gram-negative strains. Total count 4 billion CFU/gram (1.81 trillion CFU per lb).

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