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- Spring Benching


Benches made by A D Spring for over 60 years are now produced by C-Mac Industries. A D Spring was closed and C-Mac Industries purchased all the stock, machinery, drawings and the rights to manufacture benches under the name of “Spring Benches”.

LENGTHS – 2350mm, 1780mm, 1180mm. 
WIDTHS – 300mm, 525mm, 775mm, 1225mm. 
HEIGHTS – 150mm, 750mm, 1350mm from ground level.

  • Heavy duty galvanised steel tube 25.4 dia x 1.6mm thick.
  • Tubes are galvanised on inside and outside surfaces
  • Galvanised MESH TOPS – 75mm x 25mm x 4mm diameter mesh

  • Propagation Benches or Single/ Multi-layer Benches – available as standard or custom built sizes.
  • Continous length and special bench kits made to order.

  • Government department and businesses
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Councils
  • TAFE/Universities
  • Wholesale nurseries
  • Production nurseries
  • Plant clubs and societies
  • Specialist nursery and vegetable growers
  • General Public
  • Plant Hobbyists - Cut flowers, bromeliads, orchids and vegetable hobbyists (Certain vegetables best sown in seed trays on nursery benches then planted out at 4-6 weeks)

Placing and retrieving potted plants on the ground or on benches for order picking, plant maintenance or moving.

“Each year incidents in Australian workplaces result in:

  • A total of 133,188 employment injuries were reported in 2008/09  
  • 49% of all injuries in the Nursery & Garden Industry are caused by manual handling tasks.
  • Enormous pain and suffering for employees and their families. Therefore, these figures alone demand better workplace safety”

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