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- Model C1 - Milking Carousel



A continuous and smooth access to the milking parlour is the most important prerequisite for achieving a high milking output in the carousel. The ComfortEntry system makes it very inviting for the cow to enter the milking parlour. The ComfortEntry system makes the work process in the milking carousel easier for cows and milkers. The milking carousel C1 ComfortFlow features optimal automation while ensuring high operating comfort for the milker. All requirements for ensuring a professional milking management and maximum milking capacity are fulfilled. The platform is controlled in dependence of the milking status of the animals and guarantees smooth entry and exit of the cows. Stainless steel comfort edges in wave-shape design offer optimal access to the udder for the milker.

  1. The ComfortEntry system increases the entry speed of the animals while ensuring high comfort thanks to the controlled positioning brackets.
  2. Robotex automatic milker for high operator comfort and an above-average milking result.
  3. Strong, generously dimensioned drive unit with low power consumption – tried and tested 100 times.
  4. Comfort edge in wave-shape design offers optimal work conditions for the milker.
  5. Indestructible running gear with thoroughly tested special plastic track rollers. We are proud of this solution as it is maintenance-free and wear-resistant and offers the user 100% safety.
  6. Solid steel frame with superstructure, all parts hot-dip galvanised, including the rails and the understructure.
  7. The carousel platform consists of 90 mm thick pre-fabricated concrete segments. The standing surface is not cast in one piece on site as it would otherwise form cracks sooner or later. Concrete segments feature a consistently high quality and can absorb the movement that will always occur in a carousel, without any negative effect. Concrete segments are stable and noiseless.
  8. Designs with or without feeding
  9. The outer wall of the carousel can consist of a wall made of plastic panels in a steel frame or of two curved pipes arranged on top of each other.
  10. The cow entry and exit is provided with a clamp lock so that, should a cow get stuck, the carousel stops, moves a bit rearward and restarts automatically.
  11. Control by pressure switch on a control panel with digital display.
  12. Switch box with integrated PLC relay and frequency inverter.
  13. Continuously adjustable rotation speed.
  14. The knob is mounted on a centre bridge that is designed to ensure that no function must be executed downward below the concrete platform. The work passage is thus completely free – all functions can easily be monitored above the platform – and is well accessible for maintenance purposes.

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