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Model C2/V - Vine Trimmer



N. 2 pairs of vertical bars (2right-2left) with 4 blades per side (working cut of 1600 mm). N. 2 upper bars with 2 blades (working cut of 800 mm). Hydraulic adjustments by 2 pistons . Hydraulic height adjustment by 2 pistons. Hydraulic adjustment of the external side bars (shifting) by 2 pistons. Special tempered steel blades of 420 mm. Joystick 8-controls with blades speed regulator. Powered by 6 hydraulic engines (it required 160 bar pressure  and 32 litres/min of oil). Equipped with piping. Main frame in iron with blades cases in stainless steel. Suitable to tractors from 80 HP - 59 kw. Machine weight 600 kg.. Operating capacity 2.4/2.8 hectare/hour, under . normal working conditions. Hydraulic adjustment bars by 2 pistons

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