Model C5000 - Portable Choppers



The Newhouse portable bale chopper/bale feeder is equipped with 20,000 lb. axles with flotation tires for various ground conditions. Pintle chains carry the bales to the cutter head. The chains enter a slotted incline to lift the baled hay away from the risers and prevent hay from being pulled around the sprockets and wasted on the ground below. Plain/Smooth, Plated/Smooth or Plated/Serrated knives are available. Tailgate can be folded down to accommodate up to six large bales or up to nine mid-size bales at one loading. The Big Bale Hay Chopper is able to convert up to 16 tons per hour.

Overall Width 130”
Overall Width, discharge chute in feeding position 159”
Inside Width 108”
Overall Height 119”
Overall Length, tailgate up 35 ft
Overall Length, tailgate down 39 1/2 ft
Gross Weight (approximately) 14,000 lbs
Tongue Weight Empty 2,300 lbs
Bale Capacity 6-9 mid-size or 4-6 large bales
Heavy Duty Right Angle Gearbox at 1000 RPM 235HP
Tractor HP, depending on hay conditions 80 HP or more
Tractor PTO Required 1000 RPM
Best Speed of PTO 900-1200 RPM
4R5V1600 Belts 2
Cutter Blades with 3/8” hole 188
Three-Tooth Bolt on Raker Bar 12
Axles - capacity each 2 - 20,000 lbs
Wheels & Tires 10' on 10 1/4' hub piloted

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