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CA and ULO Storage Room


After harvesting many fruits and vegetables can be preserved for an extended time period under “Controlled Atmosphere”(CA) or “Ultra Low Oxygen” (ULO) conditions. It is then possible to deliver these products throughout the year whilst still ensuring that the quality is maintained.

How does CA- and ULO-storage work?
With CA / ULO applications the physiological processes in the stored product are delayed / inhibited, allowing the extension of its shelf life. The required storage conditions are achieved by creating an atmosphere with a higher CO2 (carbon dioxide) and lower O2 (oxygen) concentration together with the required temperature / humidity level. By storing your product under these conditions you control the ripening process.

Tailor-made solutions
Each product type requires different conditions. Depending on factors such as climate, weather, soil, growing conditions and harvest time, the optimal conditions differ not only per year, but also by product and even by breed. As expert in CA / ULO storage we offer tailor-made solutions and all possibilities to keep your finger on the pulse.

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