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Cabbage is grown virtually everywhere in the world. Its nutritional values and health-giving qualities make it a very popular vegetable with a great future. Within the main types – white, red and savoy – there is great diversity. The Rijk Zwaan range also comprises many kinds and sizes.

Growing popularity
Rijk Zwaan has a leading position in early white cabbage and red cabbage. Our storage varieties are gaining fast in popularity. We have varieties for the fresh market, varieties with specific traits for the processing industry and varieties that are suitable for both. With different sizes of headed cabbage, several sales channels and markets can be served.

Resistance breeding
Our varieties are characterised by a good field life, reliability and optimal performance in and out of storage. Diseases and pests are a major attention point for growers, so Rijk Zwaan gives a lot of attention to resistance breeding. Specific research facilities around the world enable us to test our breeding material in the most extreme conditions.

Changing wishes
Rijk Zwaan is always up-to-date with consumer trends. Cabbage does not just taste good, it is also healthy because of its specific phytochemicals. Thanks to its excellent storability, cabbage is also popular with the processing industry. This industry‘s specific demands determine to an ever greater degree what direction cabbage will take and are an important guideline in Rijk Zwaan’s breeding work

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