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CABLEVEY has something new!. It’s our 1 - 6 lb. “AccuDial” Drop with special features. Sealed. Dial to adjust feed level precisely from both sides. Infinite Adjustment. Feed level adjustable for 1 - 6 lbs.. U.S. & Metric Measurements. Snap on installation. No extra supports required. Multi Ration capabilities. Available with Positive Close to insure that all drops close, eliminating feed waste. Available with Air Trip Opening System which allows for all drops to be dispensed at once. Shut off at tube, no stale feed.

Sows no longer relate management to the feeding process as this system automatically delivers a preselected amount of feed to each sow as many times per day as you wish. All you do is set a time clock. The “AccuDial” Feed Drop allows you to preselect the optimal amount of feed for each individual sow simply by the turn of a dial. All this means that The New CABLEVEY automatic gestation system helps give you higher litter numbers through sow stress reduction and ideal feeding management.

If automatic timed feeding is not for you, CABLEVEY is still the system to use. The system will continue to deliver the feed to each sow. But now you decide to release manually by pulling the handle, up to 100 drops per row, all at one time. Other competitive systems cannot release this many drops at once, causing you more work to feed the sows.

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