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Cabrio Greenhouse


MX 1 system  with a driving-shaft under the ridge and 1 motor so that both halfs can open simultaneously. MX 2 system with a double trellis-girder ventilation system so that both bay-halfs can open independantly  MX 4 system, similar to the MX 2 Cabriosysteem, with the possibility that  one bay-half can close to a deeper position, so that ventilation is possible during rain.

  • Bay-widths up to 16.00 m
  • Post-heights up to 12,00 m
  • Steel gutters or high-tech aluminium gutters with integrated conndensation channels
  • Roof and gable glazing with various options in transparency and energy values
  • Ventilation systems up to 50 % of the ground area
  • Two-sides continuous ridge ventilation
  • Cladding systems with insulating sandwich panels and polycarbonate glazing
  • Foundation: poured concrete foundation beams or pre-fabricated insulating foundation systems.
  • Sliding doors and roll-overdoors in all sorts and sizes

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