- Model XLR - Cabriolet Greenhouses System



Thanks to the cabrio-greenhouse with its opening roof, your plants benefit from maximum ventilation. In the meantime the cabrio-greenhouse has proved to be a very appropriate invention. Demand for the Cabriolet system is substantial and is specifically for growing trees, outdoor plants and bedding plants.

Two types XLR cabriolet system
With the symmetrical XLR cabriolet system it is possible to control both halves of the roof, who are hinge on the gutter,  so that they open up to an angle of 85°, resulting in maximum ventilation.

With the asymmetric XLR cabriolet system you can ventilate your crop when it is raining. It is possible to put both halves of the roof at an angle of 17°. This creates an overlap on both halves of the roof so that rain does not enter the greenhouse. The roof sections are controlled according to wind direction.

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