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- Model AV550 - Mini Wrapper



The mini wrapper AV550 is siutable for single-axle mowers and motocultivators of all brands and models. Bales are wrapped by means of the power-unit PTO through a quick-coupling flange. The bale wrapping operation is completely automatic; the operator only has to determine the type of wrapping required and then to operate the start lever.  The machine stops automatically after the work has been completed. A practical electric motor driven version is also available, MOUNTAINSILOS AV 550 E, for use in indoor environments.


MOUNTAINSILOS AV550 and AV550-E use a special agricultural film to ensure the preservation of a precious product like silage that is both valuable and delicate. The roll is supplied in the following size:
Width 25 cm - Diameter 25 cm - Length 1800 mt


  • Machine weight during operation 89 kg
  • Plastic film height 25 cm
  • Film stretching 50%
  • Wrapping 6 - 4 - 2, overlapping layers
  • Wrapping capacity bale height min. 52 cm - max 73 cm
  • Bale diameter min. 50 cm - max 60 cm
  • Bale weight min. 40 kg - max 50 kg

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