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- Model 550 MP TPL - Tractor Drawn Mini Round Baler



The tractor-drawn MOUNTAINPRESS TPL was designed for farmers in mountain areas who require agile, safe and highly professional machines. The bale of hay weighs 20/25 Kg in the maximum production conditions and is formed in about 40 seconds, achieving a total hourly production of approximately 1,500 Kg.

Thanks to its specially designed draw bar, the MOUNTAINPRESS MP 550 TPL can be trailed behind the tractor or even laterally. The latter possibility is a distinct advantage, especially for small tractors with a low centre of gravity, which can draw the Mountainpress MP 550 TPL without passing on the hay rows and thus avoid hay to wrap around the moving parts of the tractor such as wheels and cardan shaft.
The TPL forms hay bales with a soft core that are wrapped using a net resistant to ultraviolet rays. All the controls can be operated from the tractor's driving position. An acoustic or visible signal warns the driver that the bale has been formed. The pressure chamber is opened and closed by the hydraulic control installed on the tractor unit.

MOUNTAINPRESS 550 TPC is a small round-baler centrally carried through the tractor three-point linkage. An optional trailing kit allows, if needed, to trail MOUNTAINPRESS 550 TPC centrally behind the tractor. Those who are looking for a small round-baler trailed laterally by the tractor, able to work independently from its hydraulic system, can now opt for the new MOUNTAINPRESS 550 TPLH. Unlike MOUNTAINPRESS 550 TPL, this new machine model is equipped with its own hydraulic system.  OPTIONALS Cardan shaft, Gathering wheels, Automatic chain lubrication, Lights

MOUNTAINPRESS MP 550 TPL uses a special woven agricultural net for the packing operation, designed specifically to maintain the hay compact but without damaging it. The roll is supplied in the following size:

Width 50 cm - Diameter 25 cm - Length 1500 mt

  • Bale dimensions 55 x 52 cm
  • Hay bale weight 20 ÷ 25 kg
  • Straw bale weight 14 ÷ 18 kg
  • Number of bales per hour 50 ÷ 80
  • Pick-up width 700 ÷ 1.050 mm
  • Pick-up teeth per row 16/2
  • Net wrapping Standard
  • Bale counter Standard
  • Acoustic bale formation signal Standard
  • Hydraulic bale ejector Standard
  • Automatic chain tensioning Standard
  • Chain protection clutch Standard
  • Height and length adjustable draw bar standard (only for MOUNTAINPRESS 550 TPL and 550 TPLH) Standard
  • Baler depth with extended draw bar (only for MOUNTAINPRESS 550 TPL and 550 TPLH) 1.950 ÷ 2.250 mm
  • Baler width with max axle track extension 1.225 ÷ 1.750 mm
  • Height adjustable in 4 positions 930 ÷ 1.030 mm
  • Baler total weight 295 kg
  • Tyres 18x8.50.8
  • Minimum power required 12 kW

Electric control-box for binding and lifting the hydraulic pick-up

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