Model LCSA series - Indirect-Fired Gas Heaters with Horizontal Air Flow



The LCSA heater has a closed combustion system, just like the IFH series and IFH80 LT. This means that the combustion chamber is fully closed. Fresh outdoor air is sucked in for the combustion and the flue gasses are extracted outside. So no CO2 or moisture comes into in the room where the heater is installed. This ensures that you can heat your greenhouse without RV accumulating, which is particularly useful in the early morning hours, when you want to provide heat, but the air humidity is relatively high.

  • Available in 45kW, 60kW, 75kW, and 100kW
  • Available for natural gas or propane
  • Available with two burner settings, e.g. 30kW or 60kW for the IFH 60 LCSA
  • Available with flexible flue
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Heat-resistant stainless steel heat exchanger and burner

  • Very efficient fired heaters with high yield
  • Very suitable for areas where (too high a concentration of) CO2 is not wanted
  • This heater can be controlled with a climate computer or room thermostat
  • Heat exchanger made from stainless steel, so very sustainable
  • Finished in stainless steel casing and excellent protection against moisture and dust. This safeguards the long lifetime of the appliance, despite intensive cleaning
  • Low noise level
  • Very safe:
    • Check for sufficient supply of combustion air with a pressure difference switch
    • In the event of the burner flame going out, the heater automatically switches to the safety mode and a warning light is activated

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