- Spraying Machine


We offer you two tanks for working liquid: 2,200 litres and 2,800 litres made of polyethylene, with an anti-wave barrier in standard. The container is designed to maximally increase the stability of the spraying machine during the drive and work. It is quite low with a very wide back, and thanks to the optimum centre of gravity it its class leader.Moreover, we have a 200 litre fresh water and 17 litre hand washing water container. In standard we provide an induction bowl with an option to pick things from the ground by means of a picker.

We offer 230/95 R44 wheels and quick wheelbase from 150 to 225 cm changeable by means of two bolts on each side without rim turning.

In standard we offer hydraulic folding and unfolding, and lift lowering. There is an option of 1 spraying and 1 spraying machine.
We offer 5 spraying sections. A standard 280 litre/min pump by BERTOLINI.

A beam may be up to 20 m wide and equipped with an air sleeve with own hydraulics. We have beam shock absorption with the use of nitroglycerin shock absorbers.

A selection of horizontally folding beams up to 18 cm (particularly popular in the case of numerous posts) and non standard beams up to 20m.

Moreover, we offer a foam tracer. In standard there is a comprehensive, professional computer with hydraulic control and working parameters control. The system is especially simple in the case of liquid consumption per a hectare, which works regardless of our pace; the computer controls working liquid amount consumed per a hectare.

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