Cage Weeder



With this machine KRESS & CO has given a total new idea to mechanical weed control. The absolutely new principle of effect and construction received the award for new inventions on the Agritechnica '95.This new method of weed control and soil loosening works particularly very effective in early stadiums. The machine is used in all row-crops.

Vegetables, special crops, herbs and medical plants, but also for field crops like sugarbeets, sunflowers, leek, selery, parsley, cabbage, pumpkins etc.

Two weeding cages in a row rotate in an adjustable depth of 1-4 cm in driving direction between the plant rows. The cage in front activates the rear one and is loosening hard soil. The second cage crumbels the soil and separates soil and weed.

The ground driven machine is suitable to every standard tractor and mountable in the front, at rear or between the axles. The modular concept allows quick mounting and adjusting to different working and row widths.

The total new tool construction causes no side pressure, therefore there is no need for row protection. Even seeded cultures can be hoed in very early stadium.

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