Calf Hero Colostrum Management


ColoQuick is the only complete colostrum management system in the marketplace. While some other products may touch on one element of colostrum, the ColoQuick is the only fool-proof approach. It provides the dairy farmer with an easy tool that significantly reduces the risk for contamination by keeping the colostrum in individual portions from the time it is harvested to the time its consumed and everything in between (quality measuring, pasteurizing,freezing, storing, thawing, and feeding). The unique aspect of the ColoQuick system is a hygienic way of handling and storing colostrum without de-naturing it. Unlike pooled colostrum, the individual portions represent a way of traceability and bio-security without compromising quality.

ColoQuick is the only complete and fool proof system in the marketplace. Every dairy farm benefits from having a way to ensure an easy and fast feeding of the highest quality colostrum, at the right temperature (105F), full amount (1 gallon) in less than 15 min after the birth of the calf.

The ColoQuick Process by Golden Calf Company: Your Colostrum Management Protocol


  • Contamination during handling
  • Pooling, which lowers quality and increases spreading of diseases to many calves
  • Bacterial growth during extended cooling and warming periods
  • Labor
  • Destruction of Immunoglobins
  • Overheating/Underheating

The Business Case for ColoQuick

Besides labor savings, the ColoQuick by Golden Calf Company has significant financial return. With the system, the producer is able to see immediate financial gains of $200-$300 or the value of selling a live and healthy calf for future herd replacement needs. In the long term, you can expect a minimum first lactation increase of 1,800 lbs with some studies showing as much as 8,800 lbs increase due to earlier age at first calving. The economic benefit thus ranges between $234 and up to $1,144 in just the first lactation using $13.00 cwt for milk sales. These numbers do not include the cost of feed savings of $50-$75/mo for the extra time the animal needs to reach the desirable size for breeding.

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