Calf Hutches



Rearing of calves in an outdoor environment strengthens their body‘s defences and helps them to acquire resistance to disease. With its high-quality calf hutches and calf shelters, Urban provides you with a first-class solution for single or group housing of your calves. These well-proven hutches and shelters can be used in an extremely flexible manner.

  • Three practical hutch sizes
  • UV-resistant coating
  • Flexible and mobile
  • Easy to clean
  • Highest material quality
Highest material qualityand your hutches will last for decades

The hutches are made of fibre-glass reinforced polyester; this material is very sturdy and tough. The hutches are manufactured in a mould and do not have any grooves or gaps..

The material utilised and the white colour make the hutches UV-resistant and unsusceptible to cold and heat.

The white opaque surface also reflects the sunrays, making the hutch cool and pleasant inside even when the temperatures outside are high.

Easy to use

Hutches can be folded away with a single hand movement; this facilitates mucking out of the hutches.

The feed fences

The feed fences of the pens can be folded away in the same manner.

Flexible fence door

The front fence door can be easily relocated from the feed fence to the entrance of the calf hutch.

Easy to relocate

The transport hooks or the sturdy wheels on the hutch make it easy to relocate the Urban calf hutches.

Natural thermal lift

Natural thermal lift, omitting the need for ventilation flaps which may cause draught.

Comprehensive accessories

Comprehensive accessories available, complementing the hutch program

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