Calf Shelter



The Urban calf shelter, which is characterized by its stable construction, can be used in an extremely flexible manner.

  • Healthier calves through proper ventilation and comfortable resting area
  • Frequent relocation of shelter accounts for less germs and bacteria
  • Livestock friendly group housing
  • Forage, litter and bedding material will stay dry
  • Shelter can be relocated easily, facilitating mucking out of the hutch(es)
  • Suitable for one large capacity Urban calf hutch (XL), also works well with up to four Urban calf hutches (1 or 2)

Stable construction

Due to its stable construction, there are no braces or fences that hinder the farmer while entering the shelter. .


The Urban calf shelter is equipped with two large pneumatic-tyred wheels (diameter: 39 cm / 1.3 ft). These wheels make transportation of the shelter very easy and enable relocation of the calf shelter prior to mucking out the hutches.

Firm stand

The two square front columns can be adjusted in height, so that the shelter has a firm stand even on uneven terrain.

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