- Calf Hutche Pen System



The Calf-Tel Pen System is the most innovative pen system on the market. The Calf-Tel pen has all the advantages of the Calf-Tel calf raising systems integrated into a cost-effective, expandable and management conscious system.

Measurements most common system: L x W x H: 1830 mm x 1220 mm x 1140 mm.

10 years limited factory guarantee

First Calf-Tel Pen System consists of:

  • One Front panel, including bottle holder, 2 pail holders and two pails.
  • Two Side panels
  • One Back panel

All panels are available separately, so a lot of different systems can be made.

New in our programme is the crossover. With this part, it is easy to create a group pen, so multipl calves can be raised in the same pen.

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