- Model XXL - Largest Calf Hutch



The Calf-Tel XXL provides the most interior usable space for your calves. The XXL is 42% larger than our existing Pro & Deluxe II hutches and 29% larger than other XL hutches on the market. When a larger size hutch is preferred due to climate or management practice, the XXL is the right choice.

  • 26% larger than other XL hutches - larger interior with more useable calf space.
  • Available in both Pro and Deluxe models - feed inside or outside.
  • Optional feeding configurations include outside feed pail for liquid and a hutch or fence mounted bottle holder.
  • The most efficient bedding door available.
  • Superior ventilation - ridge top vents and adjustable rear vent door - ideal for all climates.
  • Inside feeding station keeps the feed and calves dry.
  • Extremely durable and lightweight - the longest lasting hutch on the market.
  • Decreased labor and healthier calves - easy to move and clean.
  • Extra hutch length provides protection in cold and damp conditions.
  • Maximum UV protection available.

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