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CALFRITE is a natural product that contains energy, protein, amino acids, vitamins, chelated and inorganic trace minerals, probiotics, and prebiotics specifically formulated to improve the health and growth of calves. Every female calf born at the farm is an opportunity to increase or keep size of herd, increase genetic potential of the herd and improve economical returns to the farm. By adding CALFRITE, the health, growth and productivity of calves can be maximized.

  • Enhances immune system functioning
  • Prevents pathogenic bacteria from attaching to the cell surface of carbohydrates in the GI tract
  • Decreases diarrhea due to salmonella and E.Coli.
  • Improves calves resistance to diseases
  • Enhances development of rumen
  • Decreases problems after tansition from feeding milk or milk replacer to concentrate and forage diet
  • Improves survival rate
  • Increases daily weight gain

ALFRITE should be added into milk replacer or milk, or directly into the feed.

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