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Calib Fruit Electronic Sizing Machine



Electronic weighing and multipurpose grading machine for fragile fruits (apples, pears, tomatoes, kiwis, apricots, etc.), machine with small space requirement, from 5 to 16 exits, possibility of exit on 3 sides, output directly into brushes, on table or rotary, computer management... Calibfruit, designed to be run by very few people (1 person in enough), fits well the needs of small growers, like family businesses. Actually, Calibfruit is optimized to maximize the reception area of fruits for packing compared to the total space requirement of the machine.

  • From 200 to 2500 kg/h
  • From 5 to 16 exits
  • Compact - small footprint
  • Exit on 3 sides possible - could be along a wall too
  • Strong and reliable PLC command
  • The best performance / price ratio
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