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- Sorting and Bunching Machine



The Havatec Calla sorting and bunching machine is the new standard for processing Calla’s. This machine has his introduction in 2013 and is developed in modules. Building in modules is the new standard of Havatec, which gives the opportunity to configure a new machine for each growers situation. Every grower get his own concept which gives the necessary value for that particular situation. The modules of the  calla sorting and bunching machine are:

The Calla grading and bunching machine grades the Callas on the following parameters:

  • Stem length
  • Flower hight
  • Diameter calyx / flower
  • Stem diameter
  • Stem curve

  • Inputstations (1-4)
  • Hight adjustable pre-cutting knife
  • Twisting mechanics
  • Inspection space (1-5 cameras)
  • Sorting Bins (3-6 positions)
  • Bunching stations (4-16 positions)
  • Pocket conveyor per running meter
  • Cutting conveyer including hight measuring lines, knife and binder positions
  • Length grading + buffering system
  • Bucket fill + vessel buffering system

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