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For optimal growth and development from calf to dairy cow. Reduce your breeding period for calves by providing the right quality of milk at the right temperature several times a day. This promotes good health and achieves savings, in both labour and costs. The Lely Calm can provide 25 to 30 calves with fresh milk or milk powder. In this way, calves receive precisely what they need to grow and develop into cows.

Easy to use

No more daily manual feeding and filling milk without really knowing how much the calf consumes. The Lely Calm takes away the manual labour by always having the right amount of milk ready at the right temperature. Cleaning is another task that you no longer need to perform: the Lely Calm cleans automatically. Accurately and on time for good hygiene.

Growing into strong and healthy dairy cows

A full-grown heifer that calves at the right weight, produces with ease and can process a lot of fodder means optimal yields. The Lely Calm promotes that growth. As calves grow you can wean them easily and gradually. This gives calves the time to eat more fodder and develop their rumens. This makes them grow faster into strong and healthy ruminants.

Always under control

With a simple push of a button you can see how much milk a calf consumes and, if necessary, adjust the mix. With the Lely Calm app you can now also check the data on your calves remotely and intervene quickly in the event of an alarm.


One of the most important aspects of the Lely Calm automatic calf feeder’s benefits is the labour saving. Labour availability is becoming more and more important on dairy farms. Farmers and their workers will have to improve efficiency even further to be able to achieve a reasonable income and the calf rearing is an area where often some very large savings can be made. One of the biggest savings is the reduction of time for milk preparation and the actual feeding of the milk. The Calm calf feeder works from a central unit, which prepares the milk and distributes it to a drinking station where the calf will receive her portion. Cleaning is another feature; no more cleaning of all the buckets. The Calm feeder can be equipped with an automatic cleaning kit. Due to the central feeding alley compared to feeding roughage per pen this time is reduced as well. The Calm calf feeder will also drastically reduce management time, which is done by the exception reports and alerts you will receive from the process controller. Some considerable additional benefits can come from the extra time available for observation of the calves.

For calves housed in groups, a Lely Calm automatic calf feeder is the perfect solution. Depending on the type of automatic feeder, it can provide 25-30 calves with

predetermined portions of milk several times a day. This way of feeding is particularly suited to the biorhythm of the animal. The calf drinking station prepares each

portion in the same way.

  • Distribution to a natural pattern over the day.
  • Fresh preparation of each portion.
  • Correct temperature of 39 degrees Celsius (102 F) for the calf’s digestive system.
  • Accurate distribution of milk powder.
  • Milk quantity per visit may depend on the age of the calf.

This results in a better health and growth. Loss is limited during the rearing stage. The Calm provides milk at a constant temperature, at the same concentration and in portions that are precisely adapted to the calf’s needs. It is also quite easy to feed the animals four times a day and then gradually reduce the milk yield so that weaning takes place slowly. The animals will then have more time for the intake of roughage which will stimulate rumen development. The calves will be trained to the stage of ruminant more quickly and will have less weaning problems.

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