- Chopping Corn Head



Calmer Corn Heads, by design, allow you to harvest faster and more economically than ever before, maximizing

These combo stripper plates are longer, allowing for efficient removal of low hanging ears in down corn. Our stripper plates are constructed with a sleek, straight design, which will reduce ear wedging. The bevel in the remaining stripper plate allows the knife to knife stalk rolls to engage more corn leaves, shanks, and husks reducing trash intake and horsepower requirements. Patent Pending


Strategically Realigned
Calmer heads are realigned to allow proper material flow from the tray to the feeder house, reducing ear toss and providing for maximum flow rates in high yielding, and in high-speed harvest conditions.Patent Pending

Outstanding Performance
An essential part of Calmer's Patented single chain design, the UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) polyethylene ear guides, form a retaining wall to maintain engagement of the ears with the enlarged hardened steel gathering chain paddles.  By eliminating the second chain, chain guide, drive sprocket, drive shaft, idler block, idler sprocket and chain tension spring, we reduce the weight of the corn head by thirty-plus pounds per row and significantly lower horsepower requirements.  Another added benefit, after eliminating half the moving parts on the corn head, maintenance cost for the Calmer Corn Head is much lower.


Our high profile, shorter snouts

are among the shortest on the market today making it easy to maneuver through narrow rows and around tight contoured areas. The low profile flat back deck cover design (patents pending) help keep dislodged material engaged with the gathering chain paddles and moving to the cross auger. The deck covers feature self-aligning valleys that make it a snap to install, and a lynch pin keeper that allows you to easily remove the hood assembly without tools.

  • Faster harvesting speeds
  • Better stock chop
  • Less trash intake in standing corn
  • Less trash intake in down corn
  • More bushels per acre per day
  • Chains last longer
  • Warmer/Dryer no-till soils
  • Less horsepower requirements
  • Less grain loss
  • Less fuel

  • Calmer BT Chopper
  • Dual or single chain design
  • Trash reducing gathering chain drive sprockets for maximum stalk ejection
  • Outer row strippers offset 1/4-inch reducing ear loss over the end divider
  • Calmer realignment package for ear toss reduction and maximum horizontal flow rates
  • Cross auger adjusted with 1/2-inch clearance for reduced ear slice and cracked kernels
  • John Deere gathering chain tighteners
  • High performance gathering chain with tall 2.25 x 2.5-inch metal paddles
  • Calmer multi-zoned combo beveled stripper plates for maximum husking and leaf ejection
  • Oil bath with 80H heavy chain and 1 1 /4-inch heavy-duty driveline
  • Telescoping PTO shafts
  • Flashers
  • Auto-Header Height
  • One-year Warranty

  • Any color poly deck covers, dividers and wear points
  • Hydraulic stripper plates available on all row spacings
  • Factory paint to match your combine
  • 15', 20', 22', and 30' row spacing
  • Water pump nose bearings
  • Stubble Lights
  • Field Tracker / Contour Master

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