Calves Headlock



SAFETY CALVES is a security headlock coming from the well-known SAFETY headlock which he has all the advantages. Specialy adapted to collective boxes for calves up to 6 months at least.

 Safety headlock, allowing the release by the bottom of an animal that would have collapsed; (position 3). Position 1 : headlock is open or free-service. Position 2: animal hindered. Position 3 : release safety.

The swing arms have anti-passages all positions and automatic return of swing arms (RAZ) in opening position.

The articulation of the arm has a crossing sleeve that receives a threadless steel axis which prohibits the roundness of the articulation.

Collars are adjustable by clawed clamps.

Soundproof coated steel axis. Perfect locking.

Parallel spacer : guarantees a proper functioning.

Opening panel with 2 adjusting ends at only one extremity.

Average distance between axis per place 0 m 45.  Available in panels of 1 place (service gate), 4 places/2 m, 5 places/2 m 50, 6 places/3 m, 8 places/4 m, and 10 places/5 m.

With a folding pail-holder that may receives a trough incorporated in option.

All complements, gates, separation, feed racks and troughs, allow to the realization of complete boxs with dimensions corresponding to animal well-being standards

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