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Camfil Farr's CamContain is an integrated system for use in areas where hazardous contamination may be filtered from the air. Typical applications include hospital isolation rooms/wards and Intensive Care Units (ICUs) where containment systems can be custom designed to remove airborne pathogens, viral contaminants and infectious organisms or a combination thereof. 

The system provides for non-intrusive validation of air filters using proven scanning methods. CamContain is compact, saving valuable space in the facility.
CamContains unique system provides:

  • Autoscan capability to ensure repeatability, accuracy, and speed
  • Non-intrusive filter validation to minimize risk of personnel exposure
  • Measurement control and system which validates the integrity of the system while in operation
  • Multistage capable for BSL-4 labs or other areas where multiple filters are required in-line
  • Short airway length to minimize space requirements

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