- Model TC07 - Turf Cutter


The CAMON TC07 Turf Cutter is a highly effective self-propelled machine that will cut strips of turf cleanly, quickly and effortlessly. It is the ideal aid for gardeners and contractors who are looking to landscape an already turfed area. The CAMON Turf Cutter features a gearbox drive system which, through a chain, provides an extremely positive drive to the rear wheels. This ensures that even in difficult ground conditions the CAMON TC07 Turf Cutter will keep driving forward. The required cutting depth is easily achieved with the height adjustment on the front of the Turf Cutter and can be altered from 10mm to 35mm. The hardened steel cutting blade can be reversed providing double the life. The TC07 Turf Cutter has a reliable centrifugal clutch which, through a permanently tensioned belt, provides drive to the blade.

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