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Campanula Campana

The Campanula genus consists of about 250 species, mostly long- lived perennials. The flowers are bell shaped, hence, the Latin name Campanula, meaning, “little bell”. Propagated by seeds, the Champion series is the known commercial variety. The new Champion Pro series offered by Ball, is a fast finishing, high yielding series that produces slightly smaller heads than the Champion series but produces a larger number of bell shaped blooms per stem, therefore showing more color in the stem surface area. The flower colors in the “Champion Pro” series are bright and solid blue, lavender, pure white, deep pink and light pink. Shipping should take place during the bud stage. Taking this into consideration. Because the arrangement of the Campanula flower is not always the same in the stems, it can be used in different ways in the flower arrangements.

Crop Time: 13 weeks.

Planting Density: 64 Plants /


Soil: Well drained, loose soil with no clusters, at least 25 cm (10 in) deep.

-pH: 6.0 to 7.0.

Additional Light

Start 7 days after planting , during 45 nights.

Gibberellic Acid

Spray 15 ppm five (5) weeks after planting.

Leaf Removal

Seven (7) weeks after planting remove the leaves in the third lower part of the stem.


Week 7 to 8 (to even up the spray).


When 2 to 3 of the flowers are open (once petals start spreading out).

Post harvest

Hydrate in a STS solution for 2 hours and then use a solution with a bactericide and sugar (5gr/liter) for 24 hours.

Pests & Diseases

-Pythium sp


-Botrytis sp

-Leaf miner

-Thrips sp

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