- Model UHV 818 - Auger


The largest of the UHV range at 8” diameter and 18ft long unfolded. The increased diameter gives a greater capacity of 50t/h  - which will safely fill a high mounted 3 ton hopper in under 3.5 minutes. The UHV range of augers offer the simple option of mounting and demounting and working straight back from the rear tailgate of the trailer without the need for modification. They can be hooked on and off like any other implement and are particularly useful with Fertilizer as they are constructed with corrosion-proof Stainless Steel throughout. Hydraulically powered, they are capable of between 35t/h and 50t/h, and they have become one of the most popular of the CanAGRO range, transforming an ordinary trailer into an efficient fertilizer and seed transfer unit.

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