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- Model Twin Micro - Single Chamber Fish Pump System



As with its larger cousin the Aqua, the CanaVac Twin Micro’s key feature is continuous flow. The standard unit offers the ability to pump vertically 7 meters and virtually an unlimited horizontal distance. Double power pack units are available for high head installations.

The Twin Micro shares all of the same benefits as the single chamber Micro systems. In addition, the twin system offers:

  • Continuous flow
  • High volume applications
  • Optimized to work efficiently with automatic graders and counters
  • Capacities from 20 to over 40 tonnes per hour
  • A very capable loading and offloading system for commercial fishing vessels in a compact package

Damage Free Live Fish Transfer

High volume capabilities guaranteed without scale loss or any other damage to the fish.

Transfer Rate of 10–12 Tonnes/Hour

Very efficient means of transferring live fish resulting in higher yields in shorter working periods. The Micro will also transfer up to 20 tonnes of post mortem fish per hour.

Versatile Mobile Design

Constructed on a mobile cart which can be easily transported by a single person to virtually any location.

Minimal Setup and Easy to Operate

With minimal water flow, the Micro is virtually self sufficient. Operation is simple with very little set up time.

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