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The CanaVac Aqua was designed specifically as a live fish transfer pump, suitable for all aspects of live fish pumping. The Aqua can transfer all sizes from smolt to adult fish without any damage, scale loss or stress.

Damage-free Transfer of Live and Seined Fish

New soft “CanaValve” on entrance and exit of the pump prevent any physical damage to 
the fish. The fish never leave water and the flow they encounter is gentle. Fish never come 
in contact with moving parts or high pressure water streams as in other fish pumps.

High Performance

Fish can be transferred higher than other fish pumps and with the highest pumping rates 
per H.P. in the world. Lifting 8.6 meters vertical, discharging 15 meters vertical. *
Canavac fish pumps will move any species of fish ranging in size from 50 grams up to 20 kilograms without stress or scale loss. 
*(custom modifications to increased horizontal and vertical ranges are available).


Power available in electric, hydraulic or diesel—choice of 
stationary or mobile design. Pump models can be single chamber, push/pull design or twin cylinder with almost constant flow.

Reliable and Corrosion Resistant

Built with corrosion resistant materials and PVC five-way ball 
valves that are adjustable and serviceable by the user.

Superior Build Quality

Every Aqua is physically and visually inspected for any imperfections that may cause damage to a fish. The interior of the tank is inspected and polished to obtain the smoothest possible surface.

What makes the Aqua unique?

  • Every piece of the Aqua that will encounter live fish is physically and visually inspected for any imperfections that may cause damage to a fish. The interior of the tank is inspected and if necessary, polished to obtain the smoothest possible surface.
  • Special CanaValves open and close gently, allowing fish to pass effortlessly. The Aqua cannot jam fish at any time during its cycle. These valves are hand made and a great deal of care goes into their manufacture.
  • Fish enter the Aqua at a low level and in a rotational flow inside the tank. Also, there is a pre charge of water in the tank prior to fish entering. The fish land in water, not against a hard metal surface as in other pumps.
  • The flow rate of the fish through the hoses and subsequently into the tank is automatically controlled at the proper speed during suction and discharge.
  • At the discharge of the Aqua, there is a trough, which gently guides the fish into proper alignment before the fish exits the tank. This prevents any bridging of larger fish which of course would causes damage or mortality.

All CanaVac pumps are thoroughly tested prior to shipment thereby assuring our customers of trouble free operation from the first day. Inventive Marine Products has over 15 years of experience in the pumping of live fish and we take pride in our expertise.


  • Harvest pump for floating cages
  • Ship based harvest systems
  • Pumping to fish stunners, counters and graders
  • Long distance pumping (i.e., from harvest vessel to processing plant)
  • Hatchery applications

Commercial Fisheries

  • Loading and offloading pump for pelagic seiners
  • Off-loading trawlers, draggers and specialized harvest vessels
  • Fish passage
  • Proven system for the use of fish passage over dams and other riverbed obstructions

Other Applications

  • Agri-food pump for cranberry harvesting and conveyor replacement
  • Secured and hygienic food handling systems

  • 10″ and 12″ inlet/outlet configurations
  • Handles fish from 50 g–20 kg
  • Capacity: 5–100 tonnes per hour
  • Electric, diesel and hydraulic power options

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