Cancade Company Limited

- Hopper Bin Moving Trailer



Single axle with aluminum checker plate fenders. .Adjustable 10' trombone main trailer frame length. Ride height : 7'-7/16'. Width: 10' 3½' — Overall length: 47' 4½'. Trailer GVWR: 14,500 kg.  Axle GAWR: 7,500 kg. 215/75 R17.5 tires with 17.5 x 6.75 rims. Hendrickson Air ride . uspension with ABS axle. Capable of hauling 16', 18' diameter Hopper Bottom Bins. Double-acting main lifting cylinders. Double-acting height adjustment cylinders. Hydraulic outriggers. Hi-tensile 100 KSI steel on mainframe and cradle. Fully adjustable crescent top cone support mechanism. Trailer bottom is enclosed to prevent rock chips on bins.

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