Canon Sprayers


Cannon Sprayers Airtec offers a wide variety of versatile cannons sprayers for all types of applications. The sprayer generates a 450mph wind speed that is projected out of our heavy duty aluminum cannons. The spray material is injected into the cannon air stream where it is sheared down to about 50 microns. The wind pushes the spray material outwards of 100 ft. With our side nozzles on our towers we are able to cover the product up close as well. The machine also has integrated Copper Ion Generator which puts a positive charge on the spray material allowing it to adhere to the plant and limit drift in windy conditions. Airtec Cannon sprayers are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from greenhouses, nurseries, and blueberries.

We have many configurations for a wide variety of situations. Airtec Sprayers are low volume sprayers that put out spray material at lower levels than normal while maintaining the same level of coverage. The sprayers run from 5 to 50 gallons per acre resulting in savings of both labor and material cost. Airtec Sprayers are also very durable and strong in the right places leading to lower machine maintenance cost.


  • 3 Point Hitch up to 150 gal tank
  • Single or tandem axles up to 1000 gal tanks

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