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Capstan Ag Systems

Capstan Ag's first major solution for ag chemical and liquid fertilizer application is our Synchro system, now known as AIM Command when factory installed by CaseIH.  A retrofit, simplified version of AIM Command, SharpShooter®, is increasingly found across America and Canada on major brands of commercial sprayers including AgChem, John Deere, Apache, Miller, Hagie and Spra Coupe.  SharpShooter enables operators to expand their speed envelope to 6:1 while maintaining constant pressure and application rate, all while using a single set of spray tips

Ject® is an innovative anhydrous ammonia application technology which provides a very consistent row-to-row accuracy across the toolbar.  This means that each row of crops has approximately the same amount of NH3 available to it, unlike conventional systems which can vary widely in row-to-row accuracy

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