- Model Series P - Greenpower Machine


Greenpower is a powerful machine that has been placed under rigorous quality tests on field for 3 years with success. It is born for the gardening sector, for the construction of green areas, for golf courses and parks, for the regeneration of environmental and pastorage areas and also for the horticultural and agricultural sector. It is very suitable to turn green the vineyards'soil. It can replace the stones collection or the stones crushing in many farms, with a purchasing price more than halved and irrelevant running costs.

Operating on hard soils at a working depth of about 30 cm, this machine gets over every difficulties. We worked on soils with a big stones density; stones with a dimension of nearly 20 cm and the results were very good. Within the limits of its possibilities, we are sure that Greenpower machines are able to resolve situations unthinkable before.

Thanks to its power, Greenpower is an important solution also for hilly zones, where the difficulties are numberless. Without any additional operation and immediately after threshing, it is possible to restore lands or to recover environmental and pastorage areas. By only one passage Greenpower buries old vegetation, stubble, stones and everything present in the soil. In the same time it mixes perfectly manure preparing the soil surface for sowing and for the successive crops.

By tilling land like, that it is possible to replace ploughing, keeping active the micro-organisms, with their benefits, on the surface layer and creating on the underground a stony bed which, by rain, allows a water reserve for absorption and a perfect subterranean drainage of the excess water. Important is to till the soil also on its headboards as to avoid washings.

Sectors of use

  • Creation and upkeep of green areas
  • Nursery
  • Market gardening
  • Golf and horse riding
  • Finishing of municipal, hand working and industrial areas
  • Land reclamation and grass seeding between the ranges of: vineyards, orchards and nurseries

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