- Model Frantumix4 - Regenerator Crusher Mixer For Poultry Litters


It lowers the costs and assures a 1st quality meat; Removes the litter from the soil promoting a first fermentation. Crumbs and blocks the powder into the heart of the litter avoiding sprinkling. Avoids pododermatitis, lesions on the knocklebones, crusts on the breast and dirty feathers, and at the end of the cycle the litter is ready to be used as fertilizer and for industrial transfomation proceedings; Reduces the evironmental pollution promoting quality, growth and wellness of the animals; It is used during the whole cycle and with all kind of materials for litters; At the beginning of each cycle, it will be 'YOU' that choises the cheapest material without the necessity of expensive stowages; The correct use of Frantu-mix4 will save you expenses on every productive cycle; The use of Frantumix4 makes litters homogeneous and prevents animals concentrating, promoting a most homogeneous growth. This working system increases the animal wellness during their life cycle.

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