- Model Minimot - Selfbalanced Stone and Vegetation Burying Machine for Walking Tractors


We have introduced on the market a selfbalancing system suitable for the buriers application on all kind of walking tractors structure impossible up to now. The constant diligence of our engineers and our resolution to get an efficient quality product, with all premises of a serious planning, make us the first and the sole inventor in Europe of such a spectacular and innovating application. We have filed several patents applications to defend this realization, to cover our investements costs and to reward our selling agents and retailers which will be surely proud of a product out of competition and unique of its kind.

  • It can be used with facility for the construction and remaking of little gardens and parks, where it is impossible to use a tractor because of too small gateways, pre-existing trees, curbs or flower-beds.
  • Setting up and rebuilding of little municipal-handlworking-sports and private areas.
  • Between the ranges in nurseries and little vineyards.
  • In horticulture and all kind of greenhouses.

  • The machine can be dismounted in all its parts
  • Transmission through an incorporated overload clutch to safeguard the walking tractor and the Minimot's gearing
  • Patented scraping anti-twisting blade
  • Adjustable grilled roller (selfcleaning) to vary the working depth and used as support wheel
  • Adjustable sorting grille
  • Rotor transmission on original SKF bearings
  • Accident-prevention guards in conformity with the directive 89/392/CE and subsequent modifications

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