- Model Series L and M - Stone and Vegetation Burying Machine


The oversized blade rotor, with reverse rotation to the direction of movement, projects stones, earth, grass and debris against the sorting grille with a variable gap. The rough material falls into the furrow created by the blades that covered by the finely worked earth, forms a perfect seeding bed. The grilled rear roller levels and compresses the surface. The working depth is adjustable from 5 to 22 cm.

It is a finishing machine.On land with stones of diameter greater than 10-12 cm it is necessary to clear the larger stones manually or mechanically beforehand. To prevent a hard slab forming and to help drainage, it is advised to first pass over with a spiking tool.

Sectors of use

  • Creation and upkeep of green areas
  • Nursery
  • Market gardening
  • Golf and/or horse riding
  • Finishing of municipal, hand working and industrial areas
  • Land reclamation and grass seeding between the ranges of: vineyards, orchards and nurseries

One operator and one passage for hoeing, burying, crumbling, sowing and rolling.

  • Construction can be dismantled in all its parts with a twin removable steel structure. Ensures the machine is non-deformable when working in conditions that would be prohibitive for conventional hoes.
  • Maximum accident-prevention safety. Possibility of carrying out various maintenance work with the machine stationary on the ground.
  • Cardan shaft with disc clutch to protect transmission members.
  • Machine can be moved to the right.
  • Oversized rotor.
  • Special anti-slab blades with double flanging.
  • Oversized side transmission chain.
  • Original SKF transmission bearings.
  • Vibrating sorting grille mounted on shockproof silent-block.
  • Grille bars in steel with variable gap, for special works.
  • Side rotor supports in oil bath (as of 110 M model).
  • Adjustable levelling deflector with stress spring.
  • Working depth adjustment by means of screw couplings (M series).
  • Self-cleaning grilled rear roller inside./li>
  • Scraper for cleaning outer roller surface.
  • Vertical roller position (M series) to reduce overall dimensions during transportation.
  • Accident-prevention guards in conformity with the directive 89/392/EEC and subsequent modifications.

  • Application of seeder and second compactor roller in stainless steel. Avoids pounding with a second passage and further lowers work costs.
  • Precision linear seeder with quick application and dual mechanical traction by means of roller.
  • Framework made entirely of anodized aluminium.
  • Transparent cover to check stock of seed.
  • Precision screw adjustment for seeds falling, with lever (saving seed) to position the seeder 'open/closed' without changing the chosen density.
  • Seeds falling can be seen from the driver's seat with transparent windbreak.
  • Second, removable, self-cleaning, stainless steel compactor roller. It finally compresses the ground and the portion of seed remaining on the surface.
  • Optional for moist earth: packer roller with scrapers applied.

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